Poop Talk

Does this sound familiar? Having a nice little walk on a lovely day and Fido decides to poop for the third time! Really, dog? Really? Check all pockets–no more bags. Yikes! Look around, there’s always something in the street–ahhh, a soda cup! Thank you, litterers. EWWWW. Someone else had the same idea… Yes, that was just yesterday for me, and I’m a professional! Anyway, that got me thinking about poop…and plastic.

When a plastic bag is filled with poop, it goes into the trash and then to the landfill where it takes a lonnnnnnng and smelly time to decompose. I know a few green-types who feed their Fifis organic this and organic that, but THEN pick up their Yorkie’s peanut-sized poop with a GIANT plastic bag. That ain’t right. So what if you get them free at the store? Are plastic bags REALLY free? Have you ever seen the photos of the giant vortex of plastic bags swirling in a horrific whirlpool in the middle of the sea? I would feel bad if I knew my dog’s poop was in there. What will happen when Los Angeles, then California, then North America bans plastic shopping bags? (Even Rwanda is already on that bandwagon, forcryingoutloud!) Sorry, I didn’t mean to get all scoldy-scold here, I really just wanted to have a fun talk about poop.

So, here’s the good news: there are eco-friendly bags out there and they are not that expensive. (700 for $24 on Amazon.com; 500 for $17 at dogbagsandmore.com — that is only 3½ cents a poop! so even a three poop walk only costs about a dime).

There has been some recent controversy over the use of words ‘bio’ and ‘biodegradable’ for poop bags. Why? Because people thought that meant it was OK to put it in the green waste cans with their grass trimmings. And even worse, bags of poop were landing by the truckloads in the blue recycling bins (EWWWW, again). Poop is trash, people, no matter what type of bag (or receptacle) you pick it up with. Sometimes bio bags are called ‘eco’ now and sometimes they are not labeled and you have to read the fine print on the package — but they are not hard to find and again–not that expensive. So, whether you need leaf-size or luggage, go bio, get eco and stay away from those plastic grocery bags! (I don’t want to see you buying one cherry tomato at a time to get those veggie bags either…)