The Bourqx

Q:Ball!  Ball!  Ball!  I love my ball!  Can I bring my own toys?
A: Dear Bouncy Bourqx,  We know you love your ball more than meat, but please leave all balls, toys, bones and other chewies at home.  There are plenty of toys at the Canine Club so you won’t be bored.  We like to share here and it’s best if our toys don’t ‘belong’ to anyone in particular.


Q:Me and my brother Sawyer are coming for the weekend.  If we can’t bring our toys, what can we bring?
Boys!  For sure, bring your food!  We know how much you like to eat and it’s a good idea to eat your regular food while you’re here.  Bring your beds, if you want (or not, as we do have beds here).  You don’t need bowls or toys, as we have plenty.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a stinky sweatshirt from your Human to remind you of how much you love them.


Q:Hey–I’m popping a few pills these days. Can you deal?
A: Not to worry, Hank.  The Canine Club is fully prepared for any special circumstances you face:  medications, mobility limitations, healing injuries, social issues, etc.  Bring it!

Q:ummm…. my mom let’s me sleep in the bed with her. Will you
A: Dearest Olive–bed, floor, couch or crate–wherever you are used to sleeping at home, you may sleep here.  We want you to be comfortable and secure in this peaceful homey environment while your mom is gallivanting around the globe.  Sweet dreams, my sweet.

Q:I’m a little shy and don’t like crowds.  How many dogs will I have to talk to if I stay with you?
A: Gentle Rae, sometimes it will just be you and the Ambassador (Bourqx is currently serving in the position — see About Us for his profile).  We limit the number of dog friends, so it is never dog-park-crowded.  If you have ‘special needs’ social skills, let us know and we’ll work with you.  We want you to be happy and comfy while you’re here.  Who knows…you might even poke your head out of your shell during your stay!

Toaster & Idget
Q:Our People have a 4:00 am flight.  Can you come pick us up a little later in the morning?  We like to sleep in.
A: Toast & Idgie, of course!  We offer pick-up and delivery service for a small fee.  If you are out of our geographical range, we charge a little extra, but will work with you too. Please see Rates and Services for more information.

Q: My two moms are fighting the good fight and working for the unions.  Sometimes they’re gone all day and into the night.  I don’t need a slumber party, but I get lonely during the day, can you come visit me here?
A: Right on, Justice!  Yes, we do daytime visits, dog walks, taxi, etc.  Our daytime activities are scheduled through The Pet Concierge. www.thepetconcierge.net