Hank and His Red Bandana

Hank and His Red Bandana

I have a friend, Hank, who is a big, beautiful white boxer.  He was having some health issues so his people (who had tried many things already) decided to have him talk to an animal communicator.  I referred them to Lydia Hiby, a world-renowned communicator, who has talked to horse and dog friends of mine.  Hank told Lydia many things, but one thing he told her was that he wanted to wear a red bandana.  How did he know about a red bandana?  Well his walker and proprietor at the Canine Club (the Pet Concierge…ahem…that would be me) wears one.  And I happen to be wearing it in my hair, the very day Hank’s People told me what Lydia and Hank discussed.

Hank has been wearing that red bandana ever since.  Whether you are a believer or not, you can’t help but see how handsome Hank is in his red bandana and a handsome Hank is a happy Hank.  When he spends a weekend at the Canine Club, he looks like a big puppy, running, smiling and playing, his red bandana brightly contrasting his white, white coat and golden eyes, the secret is out:  he is one handsome devil.

My Boxer, the late Cash (may he be guarding Dame Liz in the sky) spoke to Lydia once too. It was by phone. Really.  He told her many things as well, but the first thing he wanted to say was related to his rather frequent SBD’s (P.U.!  Cash could clear a room in seconds) His message was:  ‘Excuse me!’ That always makes me smile.

If you have a furry friend who is having some trouble (either physical or emotional) or who might need to say something, or if you just want to find out what their favorite treat is, what they are yearning for, or what bugs them …  try Lydia.  She can do readings in person and over the phone.  http://www.lydiahiby.com


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