Feeding Time = Eating TIme

Feeding Time = Eating TIme

Dogs are not cows or party-goers.  They do not need to graze.  Dogs do better when they have a feeding schedule.  This means a set time (or times) when they are given their food, whether it is once or twice a day, and a set time that they have to eat it (10-20 minutes).  If food is just left out for ‘whenever Princess Lulu gets the urge’ it can cause a number of problems down the road.  For example, if your dog has friends or relatives who might hog the food if it’s left out, it can create a competitive eating environment. Dogs will eat whatever is there, whenever it is there.  Yes, a fat dog might be adorable, but it is unhealthy and currently there is no lap band for dogs.  A picky eater (or master manipulator) learns to refuse one dog food after another because they know they can.

You don’t have to worry about your dog starving if they don’t have food available 24/7 or even 12/7.   A delicious bowl of kibble for dinner can suddenly look very inviting after a picky eater goes without breakfast one morning.  Dogs will eat when they are hungry.  There is no such thing as Dogorexia.

A feeding schedule is a necessity here at the Canine Club, as there may be dogs of different sizes and different temperaments all staying together.  It’s important for a dog to feel safe and comfortable when they eat.  But I would like to encourage you to do the same at home.  It’s ultimately easier on your pup’s stomach and on his or her emotional health too.



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